Nature's First Green Is Gold

Patiently, hopefully, your friends at Sonoran Wines have been waiting for our rambling vines to awaken from their winter slumber. We know you love good wine, but do you know how the growing season unfolds, here in the arid expanse of the Sonoran Desert?

bud burst vine photoWe invite you to join us on an exclusive, behind-the-scenes journey that will reveal the marvels and mysteries of vitis vinifera (Latin for "grape vine"). We begin in springtime, the season of new starts — just this week we completed the first step of the growing season: dormant pruning

From the end of October through February, we give our vines a much-needed rest to ensure they'll have all the energy they need to produce new shoots that precede the burgeoning of the fruit. Winter slumber sets the stage for regeneration, growth, and the eventual harvest. Each day brings us a step closer to that moment when we sip, savor, and sigh with delight!

Dormant pruning in early spring involves combing through row after row of sleeping vines, carefully cutting woody canes from the previous harvest. This delicate endeavor selects which canes will remain on the "cordons," the stems that extend from the trunk of the grape plant. The remaining canes will soon erupt with golden-green nubs that become the shoots that produce our delicious Petite Sirah, Grenache, and Mourvèdre grapes. 

This mode of pruning also stimulates the vines, encouraging them to wake up when temperatures rise in early April—the moment we joyfully refer to as "bud burst." More on that in our next installment.

Here's what you have to look forward to, as we reveal the science and magic behind the Sonoran Wines growing season: 

  • Bud burst, when vines come alive
  • Suckering and thinning
  • Hallowed harvest! 
  • Making the wines you love
Sip Sonoran 
Sonoran Wines is located along the edge of a desert greenbelt that spans the banks of Turkey Creek as it meanders from the Chiricahua Mountains into the valley below. Our unique location and mineral-rich soil support our extraordinary grape production, connecting every sip to this magnificent desert landscape.

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