Harvest and Crush 2020

We wait all year for these moments, All summer we carefully watch the grapes from bud-burst through the desert monsoons, we make sure they are healthy and robust and when harvest comes we are filled with anticipation. 

 Bud Burst & First Growth of 2020

Our 10 acre vineyard has three varieties of Grapes from the Rhone valley of France: Mourvedre, Grenache and Syrah. These grapes trace their lineage to the French countryside, and in the Arizona desert they thrive. The combination of our natural environment, dry climate and crystal clear water creates outstanding flavors and awesome wines. 

Grenache Grapes ripened on the vine   

We entered into the 2020 harvest season with so plans for events, classes, and so many opportunities to bring people out to the place we love. Unfortunately 2020 had other plans, but we were able to push ahead with the growing season

From labor shortages, heavy monsoons, and flocks of hungry birds with their eyes on our grapes, this season has been a challenge we will never forget, but with that challenge bears the fruits of our labor, and the satisfaction of a job well done. 

This year wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for the amazing vineyard crews at Alba Vineyards who made this year such a success. with their help over 2 months of harvesting and 18 tons of grapes later we were able to complete another amazing year under the Arizona sun. 

Signing off.  - The Sandor Team 



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